Adobe launches SDP demonstration prototype

Adobe have launched a SDP demonstration prototype which can be viewed here:

I like the integration of the dashboard functionality into a mock 3D rotating cube. I think it needs a better indicator on the mini nav as to where you are on the cube as I but I can see this becoming popular. I am working on a new dashboard design for Barclay’s Bmarket Comet Online trading platform at the moment and one of the issues I continually face is a lack of screen realestate to fit everything in. I have worked with sliding screens before but something about putting the content into a three dimensional space seems quite appealing.

I tried to find some aditional information on the development  as I am a bit unfamiliar with Adobe’s LiveCycle and came across this article/tutorial by Christophe Coenraets
which has been quite informative.

Tuning client-side performance with a real-time trader application built using Flex 4 and LiveCycle Data Services

“The new quality of service features available in LiveCycle Data Services ES2 (including guaranteed message delivery and message throttling) have contributed to this intensified interest. But for many real time applications, performance is what matters most. So, in addition to adding and improving features, Adobe also spent a considerable amount of time running benchmarks and optimizing performance. On his blog, Damon Cooper describes several server-focused tests. They answer the question: How many messages per second can the server push to how many clients with what latency? In one of the scenarios tested, the answer was a total of 400,000 messages per second spread over 500 clients with an average latency of 15 milliseconds.”

The full article can be read here: and the related source files can be downloaded here .

PS: Thanks goes out to Lab49 for doing a post that got me looking into this. You can read their original post here.

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