NMA Top 100 Interactive Agencies 2010 Interactive Twitter API – Part II

You can view the final interactive Flash version here:

Still loads to do but I have uploaded the work in progress which now contains the detail summery page for each agency. The page has a break down of the entity content as well as entity usage. There are also charts that show the status update time-line as well as tweets by day and tweets by hour.

Still planning to add more functionality but wanted to check the performance of the data calls and the chart displays. This is the first chart I have done to re-size as part of the liquid layout so I was curious to see how it would perform. Approach the stage redraw slightly differently in a way that would simplify the MVC coding structure but in theory put more of an overhead on the redraw. Very pleased with the results – so far.

I was thinking about trying to do something clever with the visualisation of the information here but in the end as this was an exercise to get some experience working with the Twitter API I decided to just focus on that aspect of it and thus kept the visual design fairly traditional.

One thing that seems to be the case, based on the “hash tabs” and “mention” entities only, is the status updates seem to be predominantly self referential.

I will let you know when the finished version goes up.Might revisit the twitter data in the future and see if there is anything interesting with the text, URLs etc but fr the moment just keen to get this finished as I have an idea for me next lab that I am keen to crack on with.

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