NMA Interactive Agencies 2010
“Ones to Watch”

You can view the final interactive Flash version here:

Once I had completed the Twitter client for the NMA Top 100 it was a fairly simple thing to modify it to load in the NMA 2010 “Ones to Watch”.

Here are the statistics for the NMA Interactive Agencies 2010 “Ones to Watch” based on their tweet history as 13th Feb 2010

Agency Screen Name Tweets Friends
77 Agency 77agencylondon 2,755 752
1000heads 1000heads 2,359 2,289
Punktilio punktilio 963 1,503
Cogapp cogapp 601 230
Adjust Your Set adjustyourset 529 412
We Are Social wearesocial 411 43,089
Somethin’ Else voiceofse 353 367
The Cloud and Compass cloudandcompass 341 52
Public Creative publicreative 222 301
Digital Jigsaw digitaljigsaw 119 306
Ralph ralphcreative 80 1,161
Techlightenment techlightenment 5 17

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