Interactive Colours in Culture – The grid version

You can view the grid version of Interactive Colours in Culture here:

A month ago I created an interactive adaptation of David McCandless‘ iconic “Colours in Culture“. At the time that I created it I was unaware that Stephen Few had written a visualization critique “Our Irresistible Fascination with All Things Circular [PDF], in which he remarked on its “design failures”, and questioned its “integrity” and “usefulness”.

However when Flowing Data posted “Business intelligence vs. infotainment” describing a recent post that Stephen Few had written “Teradata, David McCandless, and yet another detour for analytics” as a “rant” that I than became aware of the previous critique.

I found the resulting debate that followed in the comments section really fascinating and was generally disappointed when it was cut short. Not 100% sure but it seems as if the ability to add comments to this post had been deactivated, although saying that I have just noticed in writing this that the ability to add comments appears to have been activated again.

Anyway to cut a long story short I was curious to see what Stephen Few would make of my interactive adaptation so I posted the URL on his blog and he responded with:

“Your interactive version of McCandless’ “Colours of Cultures” diagram make it possible to explore the data more easily and meaningfully, but a matrix of columns and rows with the same functionality would work much better.”

So last night I decided to add an additional grid view which would allow users to switch between the two interactive versions and see what they think.

Interactive adaptation of the grid view from Stephen Fews’ original article:

Interactive adaptation of David McCandless’ original circular design graphic:

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