NMA Top 100 Interactive Agencies – Back issues/data required?

Earlier this year I did a couple of Twitter clients that aggregated the tweet histories and time-lines for the interactive agencies featured in New Media Age “Top 100 Interactive Agencies” and “Ones to Watch” and also alowed you to drill down and see some basic data visualisations of their tweet habits/histories and topics etc.

2011:01:007 – NMA Top 100 Agencies
2011:02:008 – NMA Ones to Watch

Now I am really hoping to do an interactive data visualisation and time-line for the entire 10 year history of the NMA’s Top Interactive Agency awards. There is potentially a lot of really interesting information about the historical growth and changes to our industry and I feel it would be a really nice data set to work with but I have not been able to find the relevant information anywhere. I have also tried emailing a couple of people at NMA directly but so far I have had no response.

So I optimistically thought I would try a bit of crowd sourcing and see if anyone out there has access to the relevant data. This could be back issues, PDFs or links to this information. If you do have it, or you know of anyone, or anywhere than please either email me or post a comment. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

At the moment I have 2007 and 2010 so a long way to go.

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    Another note to self – NMA do provide a back issue archive on-line to subscribers but it does not appear to contain the NMA Top 100 as these where published as supplements.

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