Most Profitable Hollywood Stories

The Flash based wireframe and CMS can be viewed here:

I was going over some old ‘unfinished’ projects when I came across this interactive ‘wireframe’ and CMS that I developed. So I thought I would post it up. I was very disappointed I didn’t get to ‘skin this up’ but at the time I had just started a new contract at UBS and my time was suddenly taken up with designing and building a prototype tool for traders to view their overnight risk calculations against trade types.

The concept and data behind this was put together by David McCandless of “Information Is Beautiful” and ultimately used as the  basis for his 2012 “Hollywood Dataviz Challenge”. You can see the shortlist for the interactive finalists here.

Would be fun to return to this one day as I built a lot of additional tools that connect to various movie website APIs and also some tools for scraping data from Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic and the Internet Movie Database (IMDb). The CMS also has a nice feature where it ‘guesses’ the movie’s URL on wikipedia, IMDb and provides quick links to these guesses as well as a quick search link for the title on Google. These quick search links where designed to aid a researcher find and update the data. Once the correct perma-links to the movies’ pages where in the system it became easier to automate the data management and ultimately the aim was to create a script to update the ‘numbers’ each night.

Another interesting change since I did this is Google now has data for movies on the search result page so it would be interesting to explore if there was an API for this or even just putting together a script to scrape this data.

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