CS&PF – Sandettie Lightship Buoy Data, Comparing Historical Data to 2013

I previously did some interactive data visualisations of the Sandettie Lightship Buoy Data to try and get an idea of how the air temperature effects the water temperature, and also to compare 2013′s extremely cold Spring to previous years. I did this by taking all the historical data available and plotting it on a single time series chart.

However I was thinking the other day that perhaps a better way to look at this would be to take all the historical data from 2004 to 2012, calculate the average for each day and then plot this against the values for 2013. I also included the minimum and maximum values from the historical data.

At first I had the air and water temps on one chart but it was starting to get a bit corwded so in the end I split them into two separate pages.

The HTML5 interactive charts for the water temperatures can be viewed here:

The HTML5 interactive charts for the air temperatures can be viewed here:

As with the previous charts I have also included a rolling average to try and smooth out the spiky data as well as a plot of the original time series data.

As of the 30th of May the water temperature was 10.2C. The previous lowest ever recorded for this date was 11.2C, the average 12.3C and the highest ever recorded was 13.3. So we seem to be still 2C below the expected average for this time of year. :-/

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