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My Christmas Made Easy With My Amazon Wish List

I must confess, as strange as it sounds, I have never been very comfortable with receiving gifts and I am especially uncomfortable about telling people what I would like for Christmas. My wife comes from a large extended family and every year I struggle to think what to say when people ask me. This year [...]

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Memory Jogger: Creating Quick Contact Sheets

Creating contact sheets in InDesign is another one I am always forgetting the short cut keys for. 1. Choose File > Place, select multiple images, and choose Open. 2. Hold down Ctrl+Shift (Windows) or Command+Shift (Mac OS) and click or drag. 3. While still dragging, release the other modifier keys and press the arrow keys [...]

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Using online maps to ‘reccie’ wild swims

There is no better way to ‘reccie’ a potential new swim then to actually go there and scout it out. Entry points, exit points, flow, water condition, hazards etc can only really be determined by actually being there. However, that said, there are some brilliant online mapping tools that allow you to check out possible [...]

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Visualisation of OSS Dart 10K

A little while ago I started working on an interactive data visualisation for the OSS Dart 10K race results. Unfortunately I then became distracted by work, swimming etc and never finished it. Messing about the other day I grabbed a couple of screen grabs in case there are any other swimming data nerds out there. It [...]

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LinkedIn InMaps – updated for 2012

I have been using LinkedIn a lot over the last few months and I was curious to see how my network had changed/grown since I last used LinkedIn Maps to generated a visualization for it. Apart from the large growth in UX/UI and designers that I have connected with over the last year (burgundy) the [...]

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Lab Examples – Recap!


When I started this blog in November of last year (2010) my intention was to try and do a couple of interactive data visualisations each month. I did managed to keep that pace up for several months but it has suddenly dawned on me that I haven’t produced any new Labs since March. I have [...]

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LinkedIn InMaps

linkedIn network medium

I know the LinkedIn InMaps is not new but the analysis of social networks is becoming increasingly relevant to a project I am working on at the moment, so I wanted to revisit this visualisation app but also re-read some of the articles that where written at the time. One that was quite good was [...]

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NMA Top 100 Interactive Agencies – Back issues/data required?

Earlier this year I did a couple of Twitter clients that aggregated the tweet histories and time-lines for the interactive agencies featured in New Media Age “Top 100 Interactive Agencies” and “Ones to Watch” and also alowed you to drill down and see some basic data visualisations of their tweet habits/histories and topics etc. 2011:01:007 [...]

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Interactive Colours in Culture – The grid version


A dynamic data driven Adobe Flash ActionScript based interactive adaptation of David McCandless’ iconic “Colours in Culture” data visualisation. Now with a Stephen Few inspired “grid” view.

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Stalk Yourself with iPhone and R

iPhone Tracking

Recently the story broke that iPhone appeared to be tracking your location and storing this information in an unencrypted log file on your computers hard drive. Well it didn’t take long for someone to than come up with an app that allows MAC users to easily create a visualisation of this data.

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