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Memory Jogger: Creating Quick Contact Sheets

Creating contact sheets in InDesign is another one I am always forgetting the short cut keys for. 1. Choose File > Place, select multiple images, and choose Open. 2. Hold down Ctrl+Shift (Windows) or Command+Shift (Mac OS) and click or drag. 3. While still dragging, release the other modifier keys and press the arrow keys [...]

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Memory Jogger: SQL Query for minimum and maximum data values.

Memory Jogger: Example of how to query the minimum and maximum values directly from the data via PHP and SQL.

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Memory Jogger: Case Insensitve and “Like” MySQL queries.

Another one I keep having to remind myself how to do. If you want to do case insensitive SQL queries than just convert both target field and the string to the same case. SELECT * FROM ‘tableName’ WHERE UCASE(‘columnName’) =  UCASE(“targetString”) If you want to use wild cards than use LIKE and % for wild [...]

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Memory Jogger: Flash/Flex Tutorial: How to create a crossdomain xml file

It has been awhile since I have had to do anything with sandbox security and cross domain data loading. So that I don’t have to Google it the next time I need to remind myself, here is the first memory jogger – everything you need to know on creating crossdomain XML files can be found [...]

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