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CS&PF – Sandettie Lightship Buoy Data, Comparing Historical Data to 2013


I previously did some interactive data visualisations of the Sandettie Lightship Buoy Data to try and get an idea of how the air temperature effects the water temperature, and also to compare 2013′s extremely cold Spring to previous years. I did this by taking all the historical data available and plotting it on a single time series [...]

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Results of Hampton Court Swim – Public Health England Report


This is not really the sort of thing I blog about on here but I received this email today and thought that some of my non wetsuit which you can get more at Buy4Outdoors,  swimming friends would appreciate some of the findings. I searched around online for a link where I could share the content but not being [...]

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CS&PF – Sandettie Lightship Buoy Data


The HTML5 interactive charts can be viewed here: With this year’s late start to Spring the question was recently asked – “would this have an effect on the summer sea temperature?” This question was especially relevant to some friends of mine who are booked in for solo and relay channel crossings. Especially for channel soloists, where a couple [...]

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Cold Water Poll for Open Water Swimmers recently conducted a poll to explore how swimmers from different countries defined “cold”. They have posted the results on their blog and you can check it out here. “When I showed these results to my fellow swimmer (and wife) Susan, she said “Duh, so swimmers from cold weather can stand colder water”.  Well, it is [...]

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Using online maps to ‘reccie’ wild swims

There is no better way to ‘reccie’ a potential new swim then to actually go there and scout it out. Entry points, exit points, flow, water condition, hazards etc can only really be determined by actually being there. However, that said, there are some brilliant online mapping tools that allow you to check out possible [...]

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Visualisation of OSS Dart 10K

A little while ago I started working on an interactive data visualisation for the OSS Dart 10K race results. Unfortunately I then became distracted by work, swimming etc and never finished it. Messing about the other day I grabbed a couple of screen grabs in case there are any other swimming data nerds out there. It [...]

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