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LAB:2011:02:010 - Nokia Push Snowboarding
Lab Version: VERSION 1.0 :: 22 FEB 2011

You can view the final interactive Flash version here: http://lab.zoho.co.uk/lab/nokia-push-snowboarding/

So the back story is that PushSnowboarding in conjunction with Nokia and Burton have wired up all kind of nifty space-age sensors to some snowboards, put some more sensors on some really awesome snowboarders, put a Nokia N8 phone in their jacket and got them to do their thing.

All these high tech senses, along with the Nokia N8's than recorded all sorts of lovely data and the really cool thing is they than put the data online for everyone to play with. The source code for the phone app is up there too if anybody wants to mess about with that side of things.

Now, the bit that really interested me was they had also filmed the runs and provided the digital video as well so this would be a great opportunity to play with time coded data and attempt to get it all synced up with the video. My intention was to position the time line based charts so that they correlated with the position of the video scrubber, that way if you wanted to quickly see the fastest point, longest air time etc. you would easily be able to jump straight to it.

For the moment I haven't done much with the data collected from the accelerometer, magnetometer and Inertial Motion Unit as I have struggled to find much documentation on what this all actually means. So if anyone is familiar with that than please feel free to point me in the right direction. Ultimately it would be cool to visualise some sort of 3D gyroscope to show the position and orientation of the board.

So for the moment I am displaying the foot pressure, heart rate, ground speed, air time, GSR (Rush). There is also the phones GPS data (Latitude, Longitude and Altitude) which I hope to add a visual component for in the future that will show these values plotted via a integrated Google maps.

You can download all the data (XML), videos and Nokia phone app source code from here:


Initially I set out to just explore the possibilities of being ably to sync and render the raw data to the video and apart from a few little bugs with the video buffering and manual scrubbing it has turned out better than I had expected. There is around 30,00 lines of data in the longest run and although the raw-data xml has been imported into a MySQL database and slightly re-purposed for faster indexing, all of that has been scripted so in theory adding more runs would now be a simple case of just uploading the raw data via the CMS here:


I think this project is probably just scratching the surface of what you could do with this. I have only visualised about half the data they collected I like the idea of adding more functionality to allow the user to add there own comments etc. Almost like a scuba divers log book but for snowboarders.

Finally I think adding a social aspect to allow people to taunt other riders with the top speeds, longest jumps etc would be cool. Forming your own social group leader boards to ad a level of competitiveness for a ski holiday, the ideas are pretty endless really.

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