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Results of Hampton Court Swim – Public Health England Report


This is not really the sort of thing I blog about on here but I received this email today and thought that some of my non wetsuit swimming friends would appreciate some of the findings. I searched around online for a link where I could share the content but not being able to find one I decided [...]

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Visualisation of OSS Dart 10K

A little while ago I started working on an interactive data visualisation for the OSS Dart 10K race results. Unfortunately I then became distracted by work, swimming etc and never finished it. Messing about the other day I grabbed a couple of screen grabs in case there are any other swimming data nerds out there. It [...]

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LinkedIn InMaps – updated for 2012

I have been using LinkedIn a lot over the last few months and I was curious to see how my network had changed/grown since I last used LinkedIn Maps to generated a visualization for it. Apart from the large growth in UX/UI and designers that I have connected with over the last year (burgundy) the [...]

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LinkedIn InMaps

linkedIn network medium

I know the LinkedIn InMaps is not new but the analysis of social networks is becoming increasingly relevant to a project I am working on at the moment, so I wanted to revisit this visualisation app but also re-read some of the articles that where written at the time. One that was quite good was [...]

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NMA Top 100 Interactive Agencies – Back issues/data required?

Earlier this year I did a couple of Twitter clients that aggregated the tweet histories and time-lines for the interactive agencies featured in New Media Age “Top 100 Interactive Agencies” and “Ones to Watch” and also alowed you to drill down and see some basic data visualisations of their tweet habits/histories and topics etc. 2011:01:007 [...]

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Stalk Yourself with iPhone and R

iPhone Tracking

Recently the story broke that iPhone appeared to be tracking your location and storing this information in an unencrypted log file on your computers hard drive. Well it didn’t take long for someone to than come up with an app that allows MAC users to easily create a visualisation of this data.

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Nokia Push Snowboarding Interactive Data Visualisation


A dynamically data driven Adobe Flash ActionScript based interactive showing accelerometer, magnetometer, Inertial Motion Unit, heart rate, GPS (Latitude, Longitude and Altitude), ground speed, air time, GSR (Rush) and foot pressure data of snow boarders runs from Nokia Push, Push Snowboarding and Burton.

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NMA 2010 – Tweet History CMS


You can view the final interactive Flash version here: http://lab.zoho.co.uk/lab/nma-top-interactive-agencies/index-cms.php Not completely sure why I am posting about this, as it is password protected so you will not be able to play with it anyway, other than to satisfy my compulsive need for structure and completism. One day I will get a life, but not [...]

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New Media Age 2010 Twitter Lists

Links to the Twitter lists for the New Media Age Top 100 Interactive Agencies and the “Ones to Watch” for 2010.

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NMA Interactive Agencies 2010
“Ones to Watch”


A Flash Interactive Twitter client for viewing the tweets and twitter statistics of the NMA “Ones to Watch” Interactive Agencies of 2010.

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