Zoho:Lab – What’s it all about? Not sure yet but hopefully it will be fun working it out.

A bit about me: Philip Hodges

I originally trained as an apprentice graphic designer with a pre-press house in Sydney called Network Graphics while attending the Sydney College of Graphic Arts. I don’t think Networks is around any more but that was many, many years ago. After qualifying I moved through a couple of companies (Australian Consolidated Press, Kestral Digital Colour) learning and picking up new skills along the way. I even did a stint working for an IT department sorting out digital work flows and Colour Space at TFG (Saatchi & Saatchi’s production house) – Never again. It involved hours of repetitive colour sampling.

Than in 1996-7 I came across Macromedia Director and decided that the future for me was to be interactive and animated. After learning Lingo, HTML, JavaScript etc. then Flash decided to up it’s game and introduce ActionScript. From there it was pretty much all Flash and ActionScript for me. Later with the introduction of Remoting my Flash began to talk to data, and suddenly I was messing around with Cold Fusion, PHP, MySQL, AMFphp, XML the list goes on and on.

After co-running my own company (Digital Scalpel Limited) for ten years with offices in London, Manchester, Brighton and Cambridge I have now settled down to the care free life of a freelance/contractor specializing in digital design, primarily on the UX/UI side and usually involving rapid prototyping in Flash/Flex and ActionScript etc, although not always. Sometimes I still produce HTML/JS/CSS etc and as time moves on I am sure I will be doing more of these projects in HTML 5.

Since focusing on freelance/contract work in 2008 I have been extremely lucky to work on a wide range of projects and for a diverse group of companies ranging from creative agencies to tier 1 investment banks.

A bit about Zoho:Lab (i.e. this blog)

I decided to set this blog up as I wanted somewhere I could put up examples of non-commercial projects, prototypes, experiments, tutorials and general ramblings etc and keep them separate from my work portfolio on zoho.co.uk here.

I am hoping that people might take an interest and leave comments, good or bad etc.

So here we go…

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  1. russ bernard
    Posted May 19, 2011 at 9:22 am | Permalink

    i’d like to know more about the data behind the culture-and-color graphic, how the graphic was made, and how to read the output.

    • Posted May 19, 2011 at 9:33 am | Permalink

      Hi Russ

      The Interactive Colours in Culture posted on this blog is just an interactive Flash adaptation of David McCandless’ original infographic. You can see the original design and find more information about how he collected the data here:


      He lists the credits and data sources as:

      DESIGN: AlwaysWithHonor.com and David McCandless.
      RESEARCH: David McCandless, Pearl Doughty-White, Alexia Wdowski
      SOURCES: Colormatters.com, Brandcurve.com, About.com,Pantone, John Gage.
      DATA: Explore in this Google doc

      Hope this helps.

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